Trace: Building Kiwi on Mac OS X

Building Kiwi on Mac OS X

Building Kiwi on Mac OS X is not hard, with most dependencies being available in MacPorts. To set up your build environment for Kiwi on Mac OS X, do the following:

Install dependencies

Install the following packages from MacPorts:

boost, wget, gmp, mpfr, popt, gettext, cdrtools, libiconv, libmpc

Install extra utilities

You also require the SCons build system, and the Mercurial version control system. You can either download these packages from the following websites, or obtain them from MacPorts:

You must use SCons 1.2 or later.

To install SCons, run the following command inside the extracted source:

python install

Mercurial features a standard Mac OS X installer.

Installing from MacPorts just involves making the call to the port command, everything else is automated.

Once you have performed these steps, follow the instructions on the Building Kiwi page.

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